Frequently Asked Questions

How cold is it on average during fall Alaska hunting trips? 
From about 25 above to 70 above.

How cold is it on average during late fall/early winter caribou hunting trips? 
Average about zero.

How cold is it on average during winter wolf/wolverine/lynx hunting trips? 
Average 15 below.
How cold are the average spring bear hunting trips? 
Average about 20 above.

Are there age limits for Alaska hunting trips? 
It depends on your physical condition and which hunt you are doing.

Which Alaska hunting trips are the most difficult? 
Moose is probably the most demanding.

Do I need to be in good shape for your bear hunting or moose hunting trips?
It definitely adds to your chances of success. A lot of our movement throughout our hunting trips is by ATV locating game but the stalks are all on foot. A better way to put it is that your chances are good if you are not in BAD shape.

What kind of ATV’s do you use on your Alaska hunting trips? 
Typically Honda 4-wheelers and Polaris snowmobiles.

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