Alaska Adventure Of A Lifetime

This Is The Alaska Hunting Adventure Of A Lifetime…Alaska Hunting Trips
Have you ever dreamt of an incredible Alaskan hunting trip? If you seek super trophies in fabulous surroundings with unsurpassed Alaska hunting guides, you’ve come to the right place.The most common compliment we get about our Alaska hunting trips is how hard we prepare and hunt with you to collect your trophy. Also that the Alaska hunting guides are super, the meals great, the equipment always works, the scenery is fantastic, and the success rate is phenomenal. That’s why we have such a large percentage of returning guests for either Alaska hunting trips, bear hunting trips, fishing trips, or on dogteam trips.Since 1976, Austin’s Alaska Adventures has specialized in both successful fair chase Alaska hunting and bear hunting trips into some of Alaska’s most beautiful wilderness locations.
Bear Hunting & Alaska Hunting Trips • Experience • Integrity • ComfortAlaska Hunting Trips

Your bear hunting and Alaska hunting trips are always supported by boats, snowmachines or ATV’s and never aircraft. They are totally fair chase. (please see our Alaska hunting trips – FAQ section). You will always be comfortable on your Alaska hunting trip with us, staying in our spectacular Golsovia River Hunting Lodge, the Klikitarik safari style heated tent camp, or one of several heated spike camps.  Super trophies • Fabulous surroundings • World class

Alaska hunting guides “Your bear hunting operation is the finest I’ve ever seen. I took my grizzly in ’98 and now my moose in ’99 (with a handgun).”

– Ron Hugo, A-Fox Hunting Consultants
Abrams, WIWe specialize in bear hunting trophies that include the higher end of the animals hunted and we often consider color as well as size. Guests on our Alaska hunting trips typically depart happy with filled-out tags and great representations of the species.Share the hospitality of Austin’s Alaska hunting trips as you dine on fresh salmon, king crab and caribou. Be a part of and hear the true tales of a life of adventure. Jerry has completed the world famous Iditarod dog sled race 18 times, is an Iditarod charter Hall of Fame inductee, fully insured, and an Alaska Master Hunting Guide with a lifetime of outdoor experienced rivaled by few.Please practice shooting from a standing position, it is very important to your Alaska bear hunting success.We love bear hunting and the great Alaska outdoors, its wonders and we’d love to share our world with you. Please join us for one of our exciting bear hunting or other Alaska hunting trips.

Sincerely, Jerry & Clara Austin

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