Possible Sinkhole Causes Palm Harbor Home To Be ‘Uninhabitable’

PALM HARBOR, FL – A Palm Harbor home has been determined to be “uninhabitable” because of a possible sinkhole in the Highland Estates subdivision, Pinellas County officials said Wednesday afternoon. The home was found to have cracks in its foundation and also inside the home with some of the floorboards popping up and cracks in the walls. Authorities have determined that the unstable ground does not appear to be spreading to other properties.

Palm Harbor Fire crews have been monitoring the situation at 3305 E. Dorchester Drive since 11:30 p.m. Tuesday when the homeowner reported hearing a cracking sound in her home and fire crews reported visible structural cracks and separation. Authorities have not confirmed that the issue is a sinkhole, saying that will be determined by a structural engineer hired by the homeowner or her insurance company. The homeowner evacuated last night, taking a few personal items and is now staying with a neighbor.

County officials have found no issues with water and sewer pipes in the area. A county building inspector is not allowed to go onto private property, but determined that the house was “uninhabitable” by the cracks that could be seen outside the home.

County officials said neighbors should contact fire rescue if cracks in their homes are discovered.


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